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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Hiring of a Jukebox

We are always happy to discuss your interest in hiring a jukebox but we have listed here some of the more common questions we get asked from time to time.

What's the differences between the jukeboxes you hire?
There are three main differences between the jukeboxes we offer for hire. Firstly, some are digital and some play CDs and the second is the look between the different models. The third difference is between the Digital Video Nostalgia and the others. The Video Digital Nostalgia comes pre-loaded with every top 40 hit since 1952 whereas the other models come with a supply of 70-90 albums.

Can I choose the music pre-loaded onto my jukebox?
With all the jukeboxes except for the Digital Nostalgia you can choose what music from our catalogue of music is loaded. If you want to choose the music going into your jukebox, we ask that this list is emailed to us at least three weeks before the date of hire. Our list of cds can be seen via the Music paragraph about half way down on the hire page at our website https://www.jukebox45s.com . The first two lists there show all the artwork and track details. Once you have chosen the albums you require, please then cut and paste the titles of the cds from the third list (keeping them in the alphabetical order as shown there) and email these to us. Please ensure you get an email back from us confirming safe recipt of your list.

Please note that we will do our best to provide all of the cds you have listed, but invariably one or two may be unavailable. If any of the cds in your list are of particular importance (say for your first dance at a wedding etc) , please make these known to us.

The Digital Nostalgia comes pre-loaded with every top 40 hit since 1952 - but this can not be edited.

Why should I hire a jukebox and not a DJ?
Essentially Jukeboxes look great and do what they are told. All the reports we get back are that customers have a far more successful party than they have experienced in the past when using a DJ. We really don't like to be critical of every DJ; there are some very good DJs on the hire circuit, but there are all too many that are not. With your guests choosing the songs, they will more readily dance and enjoy themselves. The jukeboxes also provide a great Wow factor.

When will the jukebox be delivered and collected?
With weekend hires, we normally try to deliver the jukebox on the preceeding Thursday or Friday and will collect the jukebox on the following Sunday or Monday. If your party is being held at a function room, we will contact the manager to discuss this. In any event we will arrange a convenient delivery time for you.

With what jukeboxes can I use the USB function?
This can be sued with the Jukebox In A Box, The Digital Silversmith and the Digital Americana.

Can the jukeboxes be used in marquees?
Yes. If you are holding your function in a marquee, then we do recommend that you have some extra speakers supplied. A lot of sound can be lost through the fabric of the marquee and so it is important that this is compensated by having the extra volume that the extra speakers will provide. We also ask that when your marquee suppliers arrive, you mention that you are having a jukebox and ask that a small flat area is constructed aside the dance floor, so that the jukebox can stand level.

Is the jukebox loud enough? Will the jukebox need any extra speakers?
It all depends on the size of the room where your party is being held and the number of people that are attending. The jukeboxes are very loud and are usually loud enough for normal sized house rooms. If you are planning on a very loud party we would recommend some extra speakers to avoid any distortion being put through the jukebox.

Can the jukeboxes be easily moved?
Apart from the Silversmith jukebox, each of the jukeboxes are on a set of castors and can be easily wheeled about. The Silversmith can be supplied with a small trolley if you think you may need to move it during the course of the hire.

Our venue are concerned about the level of noise. Will the jukebox be too loud?
We hire to lots of venues where the level of noise needs to be considered. In these instances, when we deliver the jukebox, we can consult the venue staff and limit or cap off the upper limit of the volume at the amplifier. The volume control that you and your guests have access to will not then go above this upper limit.

What sort of lights do you hire?
There are rope lights, lights that flash in time to the music, strobe lights and rotating lights. . All of these are easily used and simply switch on and off.

How does the wireless microphone work?
This is a professional microphone. With it being wireless the microphone can be passed between people, such as the speech makers at a wedding. The speakers or the jukebox need to be sited where the speeches are being made.

Are the Jukeboxes on freeplay?
There's no need to put any money into the jukeboxes. They are all set on free play.

Are there gaps between the songs?
The CD jukeboxes are programmed to play the songs selected in the order that they physically sit within the carousel. This means that the gap between the songs is negligible. With the Digital Jukeboxes there are no gaps.

Why are some hire jukeboxes more expensive than others?
All of the jukeboxes have the same sound quality - they all sound great. The additional hire charge for some models reflects the actual cost of the jukebox to us and its running costs and upkeep. All of our jukeboxes look great and customers are always impressed with their look.

How far ahead should we book our jukebox?
We recommend booking as far ahead as possible. It is not always logistically possible to deliver and hire out every one of the hire jukeboxes. We have some bookings a year or two ahead.

In what order do the selections play?
The CD jukeboxes play the selection closest to the current selection that is playing within the carousel. This is the best way of having the selections play as it means that the music is more likely to be of the same genre and style. So if people are dancing and enjoying themselves they will continue to hear similar music. The Digital Jukeboxes play the songs in the order they were selected.

What is the stereo inside the jukebox for?
The mini-stereo that we have wired into the jukebox can be used to play tapes, cds and the radio through the jukebox. This is great for New Year's Eve as Big Ben can be played through the jukebox at 12:00am. It also provides the opportunity to play a pre-recorded tape or cd beginning to end as background music. It is also there as a backup. If there was a failure in the jukebox you would still have music at your function.

Is the smoke machine or fog machine any good?
These are both good fun. The bubble machine produces thousands of bubbles and always puts a smile on people's faces. The same can be said for the fog machine. The bubble machine can make wooden floors slippy if used excessively and the fog machine can soon fill a small sized room. But used soberly, or a little soberly, they add to the occasion and will prove popular with your guests.

Why don't you hire Wurlitzer jukeboxes?
Wurlitzer is by far the most famous name of a jukebox manufacturer. Unfortunately this does not mean that they produce the best jukeboxes. We hire the Sound & Leisure Manhatten and Digital Nostalgia jukeboxes. These area better built jukeboxes and because it is made by a British manufacturer are more readily repaired and kept running. In actual fact the Manhatten and Digital Nostalgia are more expensive jukeboxes than their Wurlitzer counterpart, but the running costs are less.Many people only know the Wurlitzer name - but trust us, the Manhatten and Digital Nostalgia are better built dometop jukeboxes.

How are selections made on the jukebox?
For the CD jukeboxes the selections or tracks are selected by keying in numbers at the keyboard on the front of the jukebox. The title cards are viewed through by scrolling them with two buttons that move them left and right. When the viewer sees a cd they like, they then key in that cd number say 131. They then choose a track off that cd and key in its number say 03. (If you select a track below ten then the number must be preceeded by a zero - so 8 is 08, 4 is 04 etc.). For the digital jukeboxes, the selections are made by touching the screen.

Do you hire for longer than one night?
Yes. If you wish to hire for a longer period, then give us a call and we will quote for this.

How many Jukeboxes do you have for hire?
At the time of writing we have seventeen jukeboxes permanently set up for hire. These consist of two Silversmith jukeboxes, one Digital Nostalgia, two Manhttan and twelve Americana jukeboxes. We have two vans on the road delivering and collecting the jukeboxes.

Why do you describe your jukeboxes as full sized jukeboxes?
One reason is because we are aware that some other hirers are hiring three quarter sized jukeboxes. Basically small jukeboxes that were designed for the home and were never intended to be used commercially. These are perfectly good jukeboxes for the home, but are inadequate for commercial use. Another reason is because customers are always pleased/surprised as to the size of the jukebox, so clearly it needed to be mentioned somewhere that the jukeboxes we hire are full sized machines.

How reliable are the jukeboxes, do you ever experience any problems?
The jukeboxes are very reliable. Essentially jukeboxes are designed and built to stand in pubs and clubs to earn money. They would not be used by landlords and managers if they were prone to breaking down. We take great care of our jukeboxes and are confident in their reliability. During the past two years and the hundreds of hires we have done in that time, we have had just two problems arise. Both of these were solved over the phone and were resolved in under 5 mins of telephone support.

You hire for TV, Theatre and Trade Shows?
Yes. We have hired jukeboxes to Channel 4's Big Brother, ITV Quiz Shows and other TV Programmes - Trade Shows (The NEC, Olympia, Earls Court etc) and Theatre productions. We have also hired jukeboxes to opening days for shops and school fun days.

Can tracks be cancelled/rejected?
Up until keying in the last digit a cancel button can be pressed and a different track can be selected. Once a track is playing this can be rejected by pressing a reject button that is on the volume control.

How do we book a jukebox?
In order to secure the booking we ask that a £50.00 deposit is made payable and sent to us at Jukebox45s, 347 Billing Road East, Abington Vale, Northampton, NN3 3LL. With the deposit we would be grateful if you would confirm: the date of booking, your full name, home address and contact telephone numbers; also a contact name for the venue (if different) and their contact telephone numbers and address.

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